What we do?

Design · driven ^ by ·
addiction · to · letters ·
and ^ Swiss · precision.

We do nothing by accident. We have been designing for years and love new challenges. We listen to our Client’s needs and design the best solution. When both sides share the same goal, good results are more easily achieved.

In our opinion, designing is not only aesthetics or emotions. It is also keeping in mind the purpose of the project at every stage of the process. Why, to whom and how is it delivered? These are the questions we always ask.

For sure, the aesthetic look is always important. However, we hold constant to the principle that fashions fade away, but rules are eternal. Hierarchy, structure and readability are our definition of beauty.

  • Visual identity
  • Wayfinding
  • Typesetting
  • Package design

We know how to graphically capture the crux of the matter. We draw on data, apply statistics, find the best approach and visualise the case – if necessary, together with all the conclusions.

We visualise data

We automate work

These days, time is of the essence. We design and deliver user-friendly forms, document templates and infographics quickly and swiftly using our in-house scripts and process automation.

We take pictures

We specialize in creative photo sessions tailored to the needs of our Clients. We also offer access to a “ready to use” image bank of existing photos. Need a photo session? We will take care of the entire process – budgeting, scenario, plan arrangement, and retouching.

We plan and produce

You don’t know how to change files into physical products? Don’t worry. We can take care of the production process. From a single piece to a million copies.

Smaller things can be done in our studio. For larger productions, we have reliable business partners. We trust them as to deadlines, technical matters and business issues.

Our experts can do things that other people find impossible – and all while hitting even the most unrealistic deadlines. We produce promotional and sales materials for every industry.