Graphic design

What can we offer?

Visual ID

Wayfinding/Signage systems

Book and magazine typesetting

Packaging design

How do we work?

We always strive to analyse a given design problem, finding a balance between the client and the consumer, so that they can both benefit from it. Helping one usually means helping the other but coming to this conclusion is a process.

While designing…

… we consider both the medium and the distribution. In production-oriented design, there is no substitute for many years’ experience and direct involvement in executive supervision.

What can we do for you?

Design and typesetting for publications

We have been practising designing and typesetting for publications for many years: albums for many occasions, books, reports or guides (including those for various digital media). Our work is appreciated and recognised (our design for Frontex Common Core Curriculum compendium was nominated in the “Najpiękniejsze Książki Roku 2017” competition [The Most Beautiful Books of 2017] in the category of scientific and technical books).

Visual identity – from logotype to visual identity system

We have also spent a significant amount of time designing logotypes and visual identity systems for companies and other organisations. What is more, we develop key visuals for products and services as well.

Wayfinding and signage for buildings and spaces

We can develop signage and wayfinding systems for buildings and spaces. We have implemented information systems for office buildings (Warsaw Spire, Frontex Agency Headquarters) and shopping malls (Panorama in Poznań for Balmain).

Design support for photographers and architects

Our clients frequently include architectural studios, photographers, and artists. They inhabit the field of aesthetics, so it is easier to come to an understanding and partner with them in the design process. Being able to use our facilities and experience in production is an even greater benefit. Well-designed, legible portfolios and posters displaying the creative output of the artists are a common sight in our studio. It is worth using our experience in designing typographic elements for exhibitions.