Document Design

What can we offer?


MS Office templates

VBA scripts

MS Word/Excel automation

How do we work?

We will design the use of forms and MS Office templates in your company and offer a better structure and content management for office documents by creating aesthetically-pleasing templates for Word and PowerPoint.

Structuring of content…

… is a frequently omitted part of a design. After many years devoted to perfecting UX of forms and reports, we help decide about the type of distribution (PDF forms or Word-based forms).

What can we do for you?

Microsoft Office templates and more

An elegant and efficient Microsoft Word template can be supported by the use of our predefined content elements (Building Blocks/Quick Parts) that are made available right in the interface. It can also work with repeatable data entered through defined fields (Content Controls) and stored in XML format together with the document. This is usually the first step to thinking about building a DMS (Document Management System) in the company.

Automation with VBA

The next step to ensure efficient use of ready-made Microsoft Office templates is the automation of some stages of work by writing VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) scripts. It can support the formatting in selected parts of the document, loading external data, combining documents into new blocks, etc.

The designer vs ICT guys?

A problem as old as time – but not for us. Your ICT department is our ally. We can fit our templates within our clients’ DMS systems, which makes it easier to use the templates consistently throughout the company.